Lead Generation Using the Internet

No More Cold Calling Required

With the internet now at a stage where the everyday populous is plugged in almost constantly, it is now possible to reach your target audience much more scientifically and cost effective.

It used to be, that when marketing dollars were spent, there was limited control over who read any marketing piece, and so a lot of marketing spend was wasted on prospects who just did not qualify.

The internet has changed all that with the development of profile marketing.

Profile Marketing allows us to target internet users based on Salary, Age, Location, Job Position and many more criteria.

Many thousands of potential customers can be targeted very cost effectively.

More importantly though, is customer conversion rates. For every website visitor of yours that doesn’t call you, they will certainly decide to do business with one of your competitors.

It is of vital importance to manage this.

Check your current Website Visitor Conversion Rate, based on how many monthly visits and how many phone calls come from your website visitors.

You may find you have many visitors but little or no leads.

ITM specialise in optimising your website to increase visitor conversion rates, and in turn this leads to more customers and greater profits.

Our clients typically increase their sales by over 200%. We are able to assist you with your Online Strategy, so please call us for a complimentary consultation.